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Company: Evermore-fs
Address: Head Office: Suite 29, 3rd Floor, Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly,
(covering Didsbury, Manchester And Northwest Area), Manchester, M1 2AQ
Category: (covering Didsbury, Manchester And Northwest Area) Will Writers
Telephone: 0845 862 2750
E-mail: zafar.muquith@evermore-fs.com
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Contact: Zafar Muquith

evermore-fs are Will Writers based in Manchester. Their experienced Will Writers are required to keep their knowledge up to date through continuous professional development, so youīll always receive most current upto date advice.

High Standard of work and  value for money expertise at an amazing affordable price and for further security measure every Will is quality checked for legal content by NLWWF (New Leaf Will Writers Federation).

Full Professional Indemnity insured for a minimum of 2 million pounds  for each Will written. Nothing should go wrong, but if it does, you and your loved ones will be protected.

A very brief outline, as I know you will agree, but let me say, just because I can boil an egg does not make me a chef, I know terms and understand what I read about wills, but that does not make me a professional on the subject, something this important cannot be summed up in a page of text, YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL the choices are, get the job done or get the job done RIGHT.

Enables expressions of  your intentions as to what should happen to your estate after you have gone.

Will Trusts
Use of Trusts in your Will is recommended. Trusts can protect your estate from care home fees or the effect that re-marriage may have in the distribution of your assets, ring-fence against bankruptcy, divorce settlement and provide additional tax benefits.

Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
Donít be fooled everyone is at risk itís not just the elderly, we all need to give this very careful consideration. Anyone can lack mental capacity from a serious head injury in sports or condition, such as a car accident, stroke or dementia. What ever the reason, the result could be very expensive at this  time in your life when you are unable to handle your own affairs, perhaps due to old age, accident or illness. Having an LPA could save thousands in court action and other legal costs and stress.

The LPAs has two sections to it, but each is completely separate:
  1. Property and Financial Affairs
  2. Health and Welfare
Inheritance Tax
Single persons allowance currently 40% on any assets over £325,000 (28/03/2014)

evermore-fs can help reduce outgoing costs too, as specialist in the Financial and Insurance Market.

evermore-fs will always be beaten on price but not on service quality, AS I FOUND WILL WRITING ONLINE ONLY £9.99 BARGAIN?  CAVEAT EMPTOR.

evermore-fs strive to compare more providers based on client unique tailored requirements, for every service they provide than any comparison sites, because they compare BENEFIT not price.

Please visit the website at www.evermore-fs.com or call 0845 862 2750 to book a FREE consultation on the full range of options applicable.

evermore-fs is a  member of New Leaf Will Writers Federation (NLWWF).

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