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Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney

Company: Steele Rose And Co
Address: Knocklayd, Redoubt Hill,
Kingswear, Devon, TQ6 0DA
Category: Kingswear Will Writers
Telephone: 01803 752873 / 07719 595809 (m)
E-mail: jonathan@knocklayd.com
Visit our Web Site: www.makeawill.co

Contact: Jonathan Cardale

I am the local consultant in the Torbay and South Hams area  for Steele Rose & Co, a specialist will-writing company based in Salisbury.  I can visit you in your own home to advise you on writing a will and inheritance tax planning.  I take your instructions, which I then send to our expert Darren Steele, who draws up your will.  I then return, check through the will with you and assist you to sign and witness it correctly.   If you die ´intestate´ (without a will), your money may not all go to those you wish or expect and some of it may go to the Chancellor, which with a will and appropriate trusts can be preempted. 

I can also assist you to execute Lasting Powers of Attorney, either for your financial affairs or for health and welfare matters; and Steele Rose will then deal with their registration with the Office of the Public Guardian.  These are more complex than the previous Enduring Powers of Attorney, but it can take much longer and cost more for a relative to apply to the OPG to act as your ´Deputy´ if you lose the capacity to make decisions or deal with your affairs, whether suddenly or over time.

Our fees compare favourably with those of most high street solicitors, while offering you a specialist service, in the comfort of your own home, without the need to go to the high street.   Please do phone me if you wish to find out more about what I can do to help and advise you.

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